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Xbox live generators have been around for years. There are thousands of people a day who submit a code or their account information in hope of getting free xbox live codes. Let me be the first to tell you, XBOX LIVE CODE GENERATORS ARE A SCAM! No matter how legit the program looks, there is not one single real xbox live membership generator available today. Just think about it reasonably. Do you think Microsoft, one of the most successful companies known to man, would have some sort of loophole that allowed anyone to get completely free xbox live for live? NO! It just doesn’t make sense. Anyone claiming to be part of “The Microsoft Team” giving out free xbox live gold memberships to anyone who gives them their account info so they can put the xbox live on your account. Someone making $80,000 a year at Microsoft would in no way, shape, or form risk their future in order to give out xbox live codes to strangers. And that’s only with the idea that they have access to all the xbox live codes that they want, which is also not true. To sum it all up, I hope you haven’t fallen for this scam yet. If you want a way to get completely free xbox live codes, check out Now I can’t guarantee you will get a code, but they do put real xbox live gold membership codes on their homepage every single day. So every day there is a new batch of codes. You never have to put in a code, or your sensitive account information. Please don’t waste your time on “free xbox live generators” because they are all scams! Instead, take a stab at getting a free code from the one place on the internet that has xbox live gold codes for free!

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